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Founded in 2018, Img2Go stands as a flagship project proudly represented under the QaamGo company. The journey commenced in 2009 with the establishment of an online file converter, inspired by the visionary leadership of our CEO, Jens Bierkandt The mission from the outset was clear: to simplify file conversion, creating a seamless experience for users through the utilization of the web browser. Img2Go operates as an Online Image Editor and converter, providing a comprehensive suite of tools. Since 2022, it has undergone a significant evolution with the successful integration of various AI-based tools. Notably, the AI Art Generator, combined with the AI Creator Studio app, has emerged as a standout feature. Presently, Img2Go persists in reshaping the digital file management landscape, simplifying tasks for users worldwide!

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Our commitment to education is evident through the Img2Go educational program, offering students and teachers worldwide free access to our premium services. Additionally, we're dedicated to a sustainable future. Learn more


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