Upscale Image with AI

If you are wondering how to make an image bigger, then this free image enlarger is perfect for you. Our service uses AI to upscale image files.

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The best result is obtained with a picture that has a resolution between 100x100 and 500x500 and no image size is specified.


How to Upscale an image?

  1. Upload your image, photo or picture.
  2. Choose the image format you want your result to have.
  3. Enter new size of the image.
  4. Click on "Start" and wait while we resize your image.

How does an AI Image Enlarger work?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It's a modern technology with almost limitless possibilities. With the help of mathematics and different algorithms, AI can help to increase an image without the usual artifacts and loss in quality.

With each uploaded image, the AI is learning. Thus, the algorithm constantly improves when it comes to recognizing JPG and other image fragments and removing them.