How to Upscale Image Online

Unlock the power of AI to upscale your image and enhance image quality and resolution

Image upscaling is the process of increasing the size of an image without losing its quality. It can be helpful in many situations, particularly when an image needs to be increased for display on a bigger screen or when it is simply too small to be used for a certain purpose.

The Main Reasons For Upscaling Images

Improved visual clarity: Typically, when the original image is small and pixelated, upscaling an image can help improve its visual sharpness and clarity. You may eliminate pixelation and provide the impression that the image is clearer and crisper by enlarging it.

Better resolution: An image's resolution, or how much detail it includes, may also be improved by upscaling the image. When printed or displayed at a larger size, a higher resolution image will seem better since it has more pixels and, consequently, more detail.

Compatibility with different devices: As you probably know, screen resolutions and aspect ratios vary amongst various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Regardless of the screen size or resolution of a device, you can ensure that an image will look good by simply upscaling it.

Upscale Image With AI

In addition to its easy-to-use interface, one of the key features of Img2Go is that it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to upscale images. Meaning, when you upload an image and choose to resize it to a larger size, this online service uses advanced algorithms to analyze the image and add additional pixels and detail to it, resulting in a higher resolution and more visually pleasing image.

The use of AI for upscaling images makes Img2Go stand out among other tools available for resizing images. While traditional methods of upscaling simply add pixels to an image without considering the image's content, AI-based upscaling takes into account the image's content and creates new pixels that are consistent with the image's original style. This way it not only makes the image look bigger but also maintains the quality of the image as much as possible.

AI-based upscaling can be especially useful when working with low-resolution images, as the advanced algorithms can help to minimize the loss of quality that can occur when upscaling these types of images.

How To Upscale Image Online

After covering the fundamentals of upscaling, let's move on to explaining how to utilize to increase the size of an image. With the help of this free online image editor, you can effortlessly and quickly resize and upscale any image.

How to upscale image

Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Upscale Image tool on
  2. To choose the image that you wish to upscale, click the "Choose File" button. You can also drag and drop the image into the designated area on the website.
  3. Once the image is uploaded, choose the image format you want your result image to have (JPG, PNG, or TIFF).
  4. Under Optional Settings, change the size of an image by entering the new dimensions. The best result is obtained with a picture having a resolution between 100x100 and 500x500, and no image size is specified.
  5. When you are happy with the new dimensions, just click the "START" button to apply the changes. The uploaded image will now be processed and automatically downloaded.

And that's it! As promised, with Img2Go, you can easily upscale images in just a few simple steps.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that AI-based upscaling methods, while advanced and efficient, can not create new information that does not already exist in the image. This means that if an image has quite low resolution or is too small to begin with, it can only be enlarged so much before quality is lost.

In conclusion: Upscale Image Online

Certainly, upscaled images are now achievable with little to no quality degradation thanks to AI technology. A free online tool like Img2Go's Upscale Image is an excellent place to start if you are new to image upscaling.

This AI-based upscaling tool can help you improve the clarity and quality of your images so they are suitable for a range of purposes, from printing to social media, web design, and more. It is a useful tool to have at hand, both for personal and professional usage.

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