Add watermark to photo & image files

Add watermarks to images you plan to post on Instagram, Facebook or online in general.

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How to add a watermark?

  1. Upload your photo to add a watermark to it.
  2. After your photo is uploaded, choose which kind of watermark to add from the top navigation of the canvas. If you click on "Apply", the changes will be applied to the preview.
  3. Choose format, filename, quality or DPI from the menu on the side (optional).
  4. Now, click on "Save File" and you will be redirected to the download page.
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Add watermark logos

Free watermark maker for photos

How to add a watermark?

With Img2Go it’s easy.

First, upload your file and wait for it to show up in the editor.

Then, add a text, draw a shape or doodle, or upload an image you want to use as the watermark.

Position the watermark where you need it. By clicking on the little cog, you can adjust it even further! Opacity, contrast, color, background, texture, and more can bee freely customized.

Don’t forget to click on “Apply” to save your changes along the way!

Add watermarks to photos

You can add a watermark to any photo you want and for any purpose you need. As long as it is an image file, adding another image or logo, text or a shape as a watermark is no problem.

You can even save your file in another format once you are done editing it. The following, widely supported and common image files are available:

Image Formats:


Options for watermarks

You have different options of watermarks available for usage on Img2Go.

Add Text:

Add any Text as an overlay for your image.

Add Shapes:

Shapes like triangles, arrows, boxes, stars, and more can be added easily.

Add Images:

Upload your own image or logo as a watermark.

Of course you can change and adjust settings like opacity, color, stroke, and so on later.

File safety all the way

File safety is important to us. Thus, we make sure that your photos and other image files are transferred between you and our servers encrypted only!

Furthermore, no rights are distributed of the images you upload, just like the image will never be given to any third-party. Even we only manually check your files after you explicitly ask us to!

More information can be found in our privacy policy.

More image options

You successfully added a watermark to you photo! But before you download it there is even more Img2Go can do for you!

In the sidebar (you can find more image editing options. They are optional, but if you wish to save your file in another format, change the filename, change the DPI and quality (only for PNG and JPG), you can do so before clicking on “Save Changes”.

Add watermark online

An online photo editor for on the go? That’s Img2Go for you.

You can use all the image editing tools as well as the watermark maker from work or home, when you are on vacation or commuting.

All image editing tools are optimized for mobile usage and all modern browsers. All you really need is your photo or image file and a working internet connection.

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