How to Efficiently Use The Img2Go Chrome Extension

Enhance productivity and transform your images with ease

Efficient and versatile image editing tools are essential for anyone working with visual content. If you are looking for a powerful solution to enhance your image editing capabilities directly within your Chrome browser, the Img2Go Chrome Extension is a must-have.

This handy extension provides a range of features that allow you to compress images, convert file formats, resize pictures, and perform various editing tasks with ease.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of using the Img2Go Chrome Extension effectively, helping you unlock its full potential.

Add Img2Go Extension to Chrome

After you have opened the Chrome Web Store and found the Img2Go extension, click Add to Chrome. To use the extension, click the icon to the right of the address bar.

The Img2Go extension in the browser toolbar.
The Img2Go extension in the browser toolbar.

The image converter extension contains the following tools:

  • Compress image
  • Convert to JPG
  • Convert to PNG
  • Resize image
  • Edit photo
  • Crop image
  • Rotate image

How to Use Img2Go Chrome Extension

1 Simply, click on the extension in the address bar, and you will see all the available tools in a drop-down menu!

Quick access to the Img2Go tools.
Quick access to the Img2Go tools.

2 Upload the file (drop the file into the box or choose the file) you want to convert and select one of the offered conversion options.

For example, if you want to convert your PDF to JPG, drag & drop the file or, under "Convert", choose "Convert to JPG."

Converting a PDF to JPG.
Converting a PDF to JPG.

3 After a few moments, your file will be ready to download.

Browser popup download
The JPG file is ready to download.

How to use the IMG2Go Chrome Extension in Gmail

IMG2Go is also integrated into Gmail. How to use an extension?

1. First, create a new message and use the Img2Go Icon at the bottom to attach a file.

Click on the IMG2Go Icon.
Click on the IMG2Go Icon.

2. From the opened menu, choose one of the available conversion options. The file you pick will be automatically converted and added to your email.

Choose a conversion option from a drop-down menu to upload and process your file.
Choose a conversion option from a drop-down menu to upload and process your file.

Much More Can Be Done

From now on, you can conveniently:

  • Turn a PDF or other documents into images
  • Add drawings, boxes, arrows, or texts to an image
  • Change the file size of a photo to upload it to social media
  • Rotate images that are upside-down or sideways
  • Extract text from an image (OCR)
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation from your photos
  • Convert RAW camera images
  • Turn a video into an animated GIF

Note: If you encounter issues with the conversion of local files when you first install the Img2Go extension:

  • make sure the local file access is enabled,
  • restart Chrome.

Have You Installed Our Extension Yet?

If you have not installed the Img2Go Chrome extension yet, visit the Google Chrome Store and try it out today!

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