How to Colorize Images Online?

Img2go's image colorizer tool is the easiest solution to automatically turn black and white images into color, for free.

What is Colorization?

Colorization is the process of converting grayscale images into colored ones, and the process of assuming color information where it is absent. Technically, this is a challenging process of assigning RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color information to each pixel with respect to the intensity of a grayscale image.

Over the last two decades, a wide range of colorization methods has been developed. From algorithmically simple (yet time-consuming), to more complicated, automated methods. Automatic conversion has become a vibrant area of development that uses machine learning, as well as deep learning.

Why Should I Colorize Images?

The black and white images may have exceptional artistic value, but the color is an essential component of visual representation. The color image elicits an emotional response. People could relate to the image in a way they could not have before.

One of the main applications of colorization includes the revival of historical black-and-white images. In the case of old family photographs, wonderful results can be achieved by implementing the image colorization method.

Comparison of a black and white and colorized image of Paul Newman

Use of Photoshop for Colorization of Images

The most commonly used tool for colorization of black and white images has always been the popular Adobe Photoshop. It offers a wide range of tools that can be used to add color to objects in a photo, enhance the image, and make it look like it was originally taken in color.

However, the image is colored based on personal perception of what the colored version of the image should look like. When done by hand, in Photoshop, it can take up to a month for an image to get colorized. Additionally, extensive research may be required in order to get it just right.

In contrast, a machine learning algorithm is able to learn with a certain degree of precision to map black and white pixels into RGB pixels and thus automate the colorization process. Our online tool uses AI-based machine learning algorithms and allows users to colorize their black and white photos, quickly and easily online.

Comparison of a black and white and colorized image of Audrey Hepburn

How does this work?

Colorizing black and white images with deep learning is one of the most impressive applications of neural networks. Neural networks are great in handling incomplete data – that is why color can be added successfully even if the photos are not in a perfect shape.

Progress in machine learning makes huge leaps when you replace hand-coding with learning by the machine. To achieve realistic image colorization, specific algorithms and trained models are being used to effectively replace hand-coded loss function with a network (which learns all the necessary things for you).

Thanks to the AI technology, our image colorization tool can recognize the scene, its elements, and by browsing the appropriate database, apply colors to these elements and compose the scene. Since black and white photos do not actually have any color information, this tool uses machine learning to guess about the tones in an image.

How To Automatically Colorize Images Online?

Powered by advanced AI technology, our image colorizer can automatically colorize black and white photos with an analysis of the objects on a photo. No additional manual operations are necessary.

How to Colorize Images Online?

Follow the steps below and get your image colorized in just a few seconds.

  1. Visit – Colorize Images tool.
  2. Click “Choose File” to select an image file to upload. You can also drag and drop the PDF file. Uploading a file from the Internet (Enter URL) or cloud storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox) is also possible.
  3. Choose any of the optional settings to improve the end result.
  4. Click the “Download” button to save the image.

Optional Settings explained:

  • Target Format: PNG, TIFF (select one of these two formats).
  • Choose an AI training model – Depending on the content of your image, selecting a training model can improve the outcoming result. Choose between "Nature and People" option (algorithms used here were trained with mostly nature pictures (such as forests, lakes, landscapes) and human portraits. Or choose the "Generic" option (algorithms used here were trained on everything else, e.g. a car, a city view, etc.).
  • Set render factor – By increasing this value you can improve the quality of the resulting image.


Adding color to black and white images is not a difficult task. Especially now that you have read this article and learned – how to do it automatically online and get the best results for free. Dig through your family photo albums, find available black and white photos. Turn them from monochrome to color, regardless of the flaws of the image. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results achieved!

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