10 Creative Applications of AI-Generated Art

Dive into the synergy of creativity and technology, sparking fresh ideas and uncovering new possibilities with AI art

AI art generators have become powerful tools, revolutionizing our approach to design, animation and beyond. These sophisticated algorithms can transform imaginative prompts into stunning visual masterpieces, opening doors to limitless possibilities.

If you are unsure how to use AI images, we bring you the top 10 applications of AI-generated art across various domains. With examples!

The Power of AI in Creative Expression

The fusion of art and AI is propelling creativity to new heights. From digital masterpieces to 3D models, AI art generators are revolutionizing the creative landscape.

While they offer speed and cost efficiency, the key element that truly elevates art remains the distinctive human touch.

Explore our guide on 'How to Craft Unique AI Art Prompts' for an in-depth look at enhancing your creative process.

Top 10 User Cases of AI-Generated Art

1 Graphic Design (Logo Design)

Artificial intelligence (AI) in graphic design excels in crafting logos - it not only captures the essence of the brand but also introduces a modern and visually compelling edge.

Utilize the power of AI to generate unique and innovative logos. Stand out in the competitive landscape!

Logo Design AI art generator - img2go

Logo Prompts:

  • logo design for food truck Cheesy, clean lines, dynamic, tech, funny, modern aesthetics, vibrant colors
  • a mascot logo of a robot, simple, vector, no shading detail, vibrant
  • logo of deer head, modern, minimal graphic, by Sagi Haviv, detail shading, wild green
  • create an image-based logo for music studio, features a firebird, phoenix, renewal, music
  • an emblem for a motorcycle group, vector, simple, no photorealistic details
  • black and blue logo for website which sells real estate, skyscrapers

2 Game and Game Assets Design

Creating art assets for a video game is a time-consuming endeavor, requiring meticulous attention to detail in character designs and environments.

The intriguing capability of AI lies in its swift generation of multiple unique assets. This not only accelerates the design process but also allows game designers to experiment with various styles and designs without dedicating hours to manual creation.

Game Assets Design AI art generator - img2go

Game Assets Prompts:

  • 3D video game asset, ancient sword in perfect shape, forged in Earth's core, superb, magical properties
  • 3D rendered game asset, isometric medieval white castle, simple, cute, minimalist
  • 3D rendered video game asset, opened treasure chest, gold coins inside, golden light emanating from it
  • 3D video game asset, one purple glowing magic potion, black background
  • concept art, illustration of a video game character, wearing an ancient metal armor carved by demigods, power of magic, shining armor, majestic, ethereal, wondrous

3 Advertising (Product Photographs)

AI-generated art is also a game-changer in advertising, especially when it comes to product photography.

It swiftly creates visually stunning images highlighting product features and elevates your advertising efforts. Easily create eye-catching images that resonate with your audience!

Product photography AI art generator - img2go

Product Photography Prompts:

  • commercial photography, designer lipstick, powerful explosion of purple dust, white lighting, studio light pastel background, high resolution
  • brand bags campaign ad display, futuristic, 3d render, realistic, tropic flowers in glass room, pastel colors, pink purple orange bags
  • product photography, sci-fi, futuristic, black sunglasses, cinematic, neon revolution
  • close up, parfume, commercial photography, beach background with sunlight crossing the product, water is approaching, water splash effect, triadic color grading
  • commercial photography of cyberpunk headphones, pastel neon background, 32k, triadic color grading
  • product photography of crystal amphora in front of highly detalied sci fi print, nike air, retro sneakers inside white room, high optical quality, commercial photoshoot, 3 point lighting, depth of field, sci fi counter tops, prism highlights
  • product photography of a watch, surrounded by wisps of smoke and light trails, mysterious, dramatic, luxury product

4 Interior Design

Change your approach to interior design and move beyond conventional internet searches for inspiration. Instead, start crafting your unique interior design concepts.

Generate impressive images, eliminating the need for intricate 3D modeling skills or the physical execution of your ideas.

interior design AI art generator new - img2go

Interior Design Prompts:

  • abstract construction interior designer, fantasy curves, surreal masterpiece design to life, professionally photographed, 8k, insane sharp focus, quality surroundings, furniture
  • modern Library, sustainable architecture, by Michelangelo, ephemeral, atmospheric, natural Lighting, majestic, swirl clouds, 16k ultra hd, fine detail
  • ultra-realistic photo of Modern take on Rivendell and Lothlorien inspired small condo white cream stone, light wood round arches interior view of living room, tropical foliage
  • interior design room, high ceiling modern house, walls painted various colors with white and neon paint, color accents and mid century unique, mid-century neon bright, white furniture
  • victorian interior design style, reading nook, victorian decore, library room
  • magical house updater, modern, futuristic, orange color, literally flying over the clouds, curved architecture, glass walls, inside view

5 Fashion Design

The fashion industry, driven by creativity and innovation, is always in search of the next exciting and fresh concept. Designers are now exploring the use of AI-generated art to bring a futuristic edge to their creations.

While the idea of integrating AI into fashion may seem avantgarde, it has already started making a significant impact. The potential applications of AI art generators in fashion are virtually limitless, especially in the creation of surreal and boundary-defying designs.

Fashion Design AI art gen new - img2go

Fashion Prompts:

  • portrait of a young model with luminous fairy-like skin, red hair, expansive dress, reminiscent of a wedding cake, the Gucci aesthetic, avantgarde creation, renowned designer, luxurious, ethereal beauty, unique dress, fashion photography, award-winning, hyper-realistic, surreal
  • digital photo of a beautiful girl posing in a beautiful dress hyper-realistic, detailed, bioluminescent, psychedelic, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski, fashion photography
  • stunning model on a runaway, wearing modern dresses inspired by corals, crystals, 8k, photo realism, fashion photography
  • modern outfits inspired by Mondrian, fashion photo shoot
  • Vogue style photo, black hair model, dune inspired dress, blue eyes, full face, bare navel, black lips, fashion magazine cover
  • cyberpunk tech wear, street wear look and clothes, full body, highly detailed and intricate, golden ratio, beautiful bright colors, futuristic, cyberpunk setting, luxury, elite, cinematic, tech wear fashion, Sacai, Nike, Yohji Yamamoto, fashion photo
  • male model in bright Dior suit exploring the exotic flora of rain forest, photo by Clemens Ascher, minimalist

6 Storytelling (Illustrations)

The AI art generation introduces a new dimension to illustrations, providing unparalleled precision and detail. It has become an indispensable ally in crafting illustrations that transcend the boundaries of imagination.

From marketing campaigns to children's books and educational materials, AI illustrations serve as the magical element that enriches every narrative, bringing stories to life and enhancing visual appeal across diverse contexts.

Ilustration AI art generator - img2go

Ilustation Prompts:

  • whimsical illustration, a circle as the central element, playful and vibrant design, intricate patterns, vibrant colors, representing a lion, the sea, dreamlike landscape with mountains and ocean, magical sky filled with stars, soft pastel hues, fantasy and surrealism, high angle view, soft lightning, glow emanating from the circle
  • 3D, a perfect illustration of a young man, happy, close up, short feathered hair, typing on a laptop, in doors, windows, light blue t-shirt, aesthetic, best quality, animated lighting, octane render, bright mood, masterpiece, detailed
  • illustration of a happy panda dressed as a pirate with a pirate hat, wide angle, golden ratio, standing on a small pirate ship, black sails, stormy ocean, in the style of jack sparrow, historic, highly detailed, stormy, evening, warm dramatic lighting, smoke
  • illustration of little cute girl and boy, having fun with water, colorful, smiling, happy, high quality, blue sky, dog is jumping, colorful, highly detailed
  • illustration of cute girl, delicate features, OC renderer, blind box, best quality, cinematic lighting, light and dark contrast, butterfly hair accessories, detail art

7 Animation

The internet is already buzzing with impressive (but short!) AI-generated videos and animations. While the current text-to-video and image-to-video models have some limitations, there's no doubt that the future holds the potential for entire movies to be created using this technology — from the comfort of your home.

Instant video generation from AI-generated images is an impressive feat. We're just scratching the surface of its potential.

AI art generator druid movie - img2go

Cinematic Prompts:

  • filmstill, closeup of hooded shaman woman, with a torch, in the style of biblical drama, monumental figures, detailed face, portrait, movie aesthetic
  • cinematic shot, close up, female hands holding a round alien flame, dark night, dramatic, muted colors, ceremonial, sacred grounds
  • a futuristic feature film, cinematic shot, sci-fi aesthetic, muted colors, watching at the spaceship, detailed
  • filmstill, closeup of hooded shaman woman, with a torch, in the style of biblical drama, monumental figures, detailed face, portrait, movie aesthetic
  • a mix of Gothic and modern minimalist architecture in the atmosphere of the planet Mars, science fiction future, cinematic lighting, dramatic, muted colors, cinematic still
  • tall actress in a colorful outfit, cinematic still, a beautiful woman lost, on the road movie, background desert with cactus fauna, cinematic, mysterious, muted colors, Hasselblad, detailed
  • cinematic still of Taylor Swift as the gladiator, fighting till the end

8 Tattoo Design

Tattoos, as a form of self-expression, deserve to be unique and tailored to your preferences. AI steps in, enabling you to bring your wildest imaginations to life. Whether it's a design destined for you or a creation to share and sell, an AI art generator empowers you to explore the boundaries of tattoo design, ensuring each piece is a reflection of your individuality.

Tattoo Design AI art generator - img2go

Tattoo Prompts:

  • tattoo design of an alien, wearing a massive Aztec headdress, hyper intricate war paint on his face, detailed texture, hyper-realistic, 8k
  • floral style tattoo design, wildflowers and leaves in a beautiful triangle, beauty of nature, botanical design, detailed, thin lines, delicate tattoo, Alphonse Mucha
  • tattoo design of a shaman woman with a wolf, confidence, courage, independence, highly detailed, mesmerizing
  • traditional style tattoo design of a skull, symbolizing mortality, defiance, strength, the skull design with roses
  • blackwork style tattoo design, Tibetan mandala design, intricate patterns, geometric shapes, varying shades of black, detailed, tattoo art
  • line art style tattoo design of an Egyptian scarab beetle in a circle, the divine manifestation of the early morning sun, intricate details, an amulet, scarab with separate wings
  • watercolor style tattoo design, a mesmerizing blend of vibrant watercolor splashes and cosmic elements like stars, planets, and galaxies, a dreamy and otherworldly effect
  • line art style tattoo design of small open books, stacked, pages are sparkling, detailed, in a circle, steampunk

9 Cover Art Design

Launching a new book, album, or movie and need a standout cover? Short on time and resources but unwilling to compromise on quality? It's where AI art generators come in.

Transform your vision into captivating cover art with ease. AI art brings a fresh perspective, offering multiple variations in minutes. Once you find the perfect cover, adding text, logos, and labels is an easy final touch.

book cover art movie cover art - img2go

Quality meets convenience with AI-generated designs

Cover Art Prompts:

  • fantasy book cover art, a hooded sorceress in a mystical forest, conjuring a ball of magical energy in her hands, serene and sinister atmosphere, detailed
  • cover art, apocalyptic city, dystopia, huge spider crawling, madness, H.P Lovecraft, dark background with caustics, fog, smoke, 4k
  • people on an alien planet, watching at a huge electric blue jellyfish floating in the air, small jellyfishes around it, floating above the surface of the ocean, book cover art design, mystical, cyberpunk
  • time flows, clock melts, in the style of Salvador Dalí painting, storm night, fantasy art, matte painting, polished, beautiful, colorful, intricate, ethereal, cover design art, surrealism, magical, masterpiece, crystal, cover art design
  • cover art, a sorcerer in a dark temple, dark sky, creepy, dark art, concept art, maximum texture intricate, realism, detailed
  • book cover, starship moving slowly through space, style of science fiction, Martian Calling

10 Design UX/UI

Ever struggled with creating a website or social media page that feels dull or lacks user-friendliness?

We have all been there. Nowadays, transforming digital interfaces into visually stunning, user-friendly masterpieces is easy. Forget about creative roadblocks and usher in a new era of captivating UX/UI design with the assistance of AI!

Design UIUX - img2go

Landing Page Prompts:

  • minimalistic and colorful vibrant landing page, website, ui, ux/ui
  • beautiful landing page UI, UX, 8k, blue-white, clean design, minimalistic
  • web development, landing page, website, ui, ux, serious, minimalist, modern
  • minimalistic landing page design for gaming company, website design, vibrant, sleek, product design
  • website UI flat design with illustrations, for a beautiful French coffee shop, in Paris, with a warm color palette

In Conclusion: Navigating the Creative Horizon with AI Art

In an innovation-driven world, image generators, like Img2Go's AI Art Generator, lead the way to limitless creativity. From crafting logos to generating marketing materials, these tools empower us to reimagine the possibilities across various industries.

As we navigate the creative horizon, AI art remains an invaluable ally, transforming imaginative prompts into visual marvels that captivate and inspire.

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