Craft Unique AI Art Prompts with Img2Go's AI Art Generator

Unlock your creative potential and create stunning AI art with our guide to perfecting your prompts

In this article, we aim to offer you valuable tips for crafting exceptional AI art prompts specifically tailored for Img2Go's – AI Art Generator.

We will delve into the critical keyword categories that play a crucial role in making your prompts effective. What's more, we will share some prime examples of prompts that can inspire your creative journey.

If you are new to prompt writing or still figuring things out - this article is designed just for you. So, get ready to dive in and create some truly impressive visuals!

What is Img2Go's - AI Art Generator?

Put simply, it is a powerful Stable Diffusion AI image generator.

Stable Diffusion is a sophisticated deep-learning model. It harnesses diffusion processes to craft high-quality art based on your textual input. When you provide a prompt to our AI art generator, it excels at producing realistic images that match your description.

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What makes Stable Diffusion exceptional?

Its ability to tackle intricate and abstract text descriptions sets it apart from earlier text-image generators. This impressive capability is made possible through cutting-edge training methods that empower it to create superb images closely aligned with your text.

Img2Go AI art generator can generate a wide range of artistic styles, including lifelike portraits, landscapes, and abstract art. Its adaptability renders it a valuable asset across a diverse range of applications, encompassing digital art creation, video game development, personal artistic projects, advertising, and many other areas.

The Importance of Well-Crafted Prompts

Writing effective prompts is at the core of generating exceptional AI art. These prompts act as the bridge that connects your ideas with the creative power of the AI Art Generator.

The quality of the art generated is tied to the clarity and precision of your prompts. A well-crafted prompt communicates your vision effectively and ignites the AI's ability to interpret and create in a way that resonates with your creative intent.

To maintain clarity and proper structure in your AI art prompts, it's crucial to separate each element with a comma. While there are no specific character limits, it's generally advisable to keep your prompts concise, ideally under 100 words.

Descriptive prompts yield better results. However, overly lengthy prompts may confuse the AI and result in poorer outcomes.

Best AI Art Prompts: Examples

Let's explore a few examples first:


red head photography
Prompt: a close up of a woman with red hair, a character portrait by Eszter Mattioni, featured on cg society, studio portrait, enchanting, award winning, happy portrait, 8k
  1. color photography, realism, inspired by John Muir, sharp focus, vibrant and earthy tones, golden hour glow, majestic landscape, natural world
  2. soft pink roses, white Chinese peony, tiny apple blossom flowers, eucalyptus leaves, twigs of cranberries, twigs of copper pepper berries all arrangement into a cute beautiful flowers arrangement on a pink nickel mug, the mug is sitting on a thick white book with golden cover image design. Sunny, bright image. Ad copy, huge copy space on top of the image, negative space, blurry dreamy background, product photography, beautiful pictures, hd, 8k,
  3. portrait of a man with a fedora, in the style of chiaroscuro lighting, confident expressions, monochrome image, fine detail, contemporary art, film noir
  4. a piece of cake, depth of field, bokeh, soft light, by Yasmin Albatoul, Harry Fayt, centered and extremely detailed, Nikon D850, 85mm, award winning photography
  5. photograph of a asia old warrior chief, tribal make up, blue on red, side profile, looking away, sad eyes, 50mm portrait photography, hard rim lighting photography
  6. woman with short black hair and green eyes, sun, background, elsa bleda, black, shadow play
  7. a realistic happy dog playing in the grass
  8. powerful liquid explosion, cherries, dark background, commercial photography, a bright environment, studio lighting, OC rendering, solid color isolated platform, professional photography, super detail, color classification


  1. masterpiece, best quality, a girl, colorful, finely detailed beautiful eyes and detailed face, cinematic lighting, extremely detailed, 8k wallpaper, white hair, smiling, intricate skirt, flying petal, flowery meadow sky, building, moonlight, moon, night, light, fantasy
  2. a bright moon in the sky, a wooden bridge in the middle of the lake, the reflection of the moon and the wooden bridge on the water surface, surrounded by clouds
  3. secret garden, lush, floral, rose, botanical, romanticism, moody, space, stars, nebula, beautiful clouds, moon, trellis, lattice, garden, gazebo, good shading, nice architecture, volumetric lighting, cinematic
  4. 1girl with long white hair sitting in a field of green plants and flowers, her hand under her chin, warm lighting, blue dress, blurry foreground
  5. masterpiece, best quality, 1boy, muscular, beard, cyberpunk, blurry, bokeh, fisheye lens, night,looking at viewer, contrast, contrapposto, neon oversized jacket, exposure blend, medium shot
  6. landscape, night, midnight, full moon, special aura, detailed, chaotic drawing style, anime, Ghibli

Concept Art

concept art
Prompt: woman with magnolia flowers in her hair, galaxy smoke fractals, elegant botany, dynamic movement, sparkling stars, lightning embers igniting, night-sky background, raphael, caravaggio, surrealism, dreamy, beautiful
  1. ultra-detailed photography of a huge jellyfish transformed into a hot air balloon, floating gracefully against a clear sky, the jellyfish's translucent, luminescent body serves as the envelope of the balloon, long tentacles trail beneath, acting as the ropes connecting to the basket, the light filters through the jellyfish, soft light, ethereal light, surreal, magical background, vibrant, imaginative concept, hyper-realistic scene, award winning
  2. digital illustration of albert einstein, cyberpunk, dark, dystopian, backlit, night time lights, highres, portrait, beautiful, neon cyberpunk suit, 8k, glowing tattoos
  3. the queen of broccoli, modern realism painting, Hans Bellmer style, detailed, kodachrome, surrealist, Salvador Dali, Magritte, extreme long shot
  4. an intricate forest mini town landscape trapped in a bottle, atmospheric oliva lighting, on the table, 4k UHD, dark vibes, hyper detailed, vibrant colours forest background, epic composition, octane render, sharp focus, high resolution
  5. celestial interpretation of a hybrid Japanese woman, bird of paradise face, highly detailed and intricate, maximalist, black, ornate, luxury, elite, creepy, ominous, haunting, matte painting, cinematic, cgsociety, in the style of Ernst Haeckel, Charles Audubon
  6. beautiful model, in pastel attire, standing under a huge pink glowing mushroom, translucent, jellyfishes in the air, covered in blue mist, mystical, stunning image, award winning editorial, dreamy


  1. a house is reflected in the water of a lake, canon 5d mark iii photo, summer camp, wide shot of a cabin interior, by Henrik Weber, lush landscaping, dramatic photograph, peaceful
  2. architectural photography of a house in the LA hills overlooking the city, golden hour, shot from the distance
  3. exterior frontal perspective shot of resort villa inspired by Mykonos architecture, sea view visualization, white and blue colours mood, moody lighting, high quality, 8k, real, high resolution photography
  4. portrait of a house of the future in mar del plata, in front of the sea, cinematic ilumination
  5. hyper-realistic, modern tiny house, A frame, in the mountain, morning light, Future design, architecture design, foggy, environment, cinematography, mega scans, cinematic, hyper-realistic, photo real, cinematic composition, highly detailed
  6. a photograph, chinese architecture, ancient style, mountain, bird, lotus, pond, big tree, wide angle, morning lighting, super-detailed, 8k, octane rendering
  7. a futuristic orange house in Rotterdam, Zaha Hadid style, eco house, sunset
  8. japanese style shrine on top of a misty mountain, overgrown, hyper realistic, lush gnarly plants, denoised, by greg rutkowski, tom bagshaw, james gurney, cinematic lighting, 8k

Keyword Categories for Effective Prompt Writing

A successful prompt should be rich in detail, specific, and well-structured. The process often begins with exploring a list of keyword categories to determine which ones align with your creative vision.

  1. Subject

    The subject is the focal point of your image. It's essential to provide precise and comprehensive details. For example, if you want to generate an image of a warrior, describe their appearance, attire, weaponry, posture, and background scene. Be explicit, as the AI relies on your input to bring your vision to life.

  2. Medium

    Medium defines the artistic material used in creating the artwork. Examples include illustration, oil painting, 3D rendering, photography, cartoon, drawing, etc. The choice of medium significantly influences the style of the artwork.

  3. Style

    Artistic style defines the visual treatment of the image. It can range from impressionist and surrealist to 3D and anime. Selecting an appropriate style is vital for achieving the desired artistic outcome.

  4. Artist

    Artist names are potent modifiers. They allow you to reference a particular artist's style in your prompt. You can even blend the styles of multiple artists to create a unique look.

    Try incorporating some of your favorite artists into your prompts, such as Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, Renoir, René Magritte, Mondrian, Alphonse Mucha, etc.

  5. Resolution

    Resolution determines the level of image detail and sharpness. Keywords like "highly detailed" and "sharp focus" can affect the image's clarity.

  6. Color

    Specify the color scheme you desire for the image. The colors you mention can appear in the overall tone or within objects within the image.

    Examples: Monochromatic blue, earthy and natural tones, vibrant colors, soft pastel shades, light pinks, contrasting colors, etc.

  7. Lighting

    Lighting is a critical factor in image creation. Lighting-related keywords can have a substantial impact on the image's visual characteristics.

    Specify how the subject is positioned in the image (framing) and the quality of light in relation to the subject. You can mention framing styles, placement, and perspective, as well as lighting styles and sources. These details can significantly impact the image's quality and mood.

    For example, natural light options encompass the golden hour, blue hour, midnight, dusk and dawn, overcast conditions, sunbeams, direct sunlight, foggy lighting, misty lighting. Other ideas: backlighting, cinematic lighting, rim lighting, candlelight, etc.

  8. Additional Details

    Beyond the core keyword categories, additional details act as flavorful modifiers to further enhance your image. These details can add a distinctive vibe or atmosphere to the artwork.

    For instance, you might incorporate terms like "sci-fi" to infuse a futuristic element, "stunningly beautiful" to emphasize the aesthetic, or "dystopian" to evoke a sense of post-apocalyptic intrigue. These additional details serve as creative tools to refine the image and make it even more unique and captivating.

Using Negative Prompts

Negative prompts are another effective way to guide the image's creation. Instead of specifying what you want, you describe what you do not want. Negative prompts include objects, styles, or unwanted attributes like "ugly" or "blurry."

Universal negative prompts encompass terms like:

ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame, extra limbs, disfigured, deformed, body out of frame, bad anatomy, watermark, signature, cut off, low contrast, underexposed, overexposed, bad art, beginner, amateur, distorted face, blurry, draft, grainy.

Streamline Your Prompt Creation with Prompt Editor

After entering your prompt and clicking the "Generate" button, the generated image will appear in our AI Creator Studio.

Ai Creator Studio

Here, you have access to the Prompt Editor, a powerful tool that streamlines the process of generating prompts with Img2Go's AI Art Generator.

The Prompt Editor allows you to refine your prompt by adding multiple options from categories such as:

  • Lighting,
  • Angle & Framing,
  • Lens & Capture,
  • Film Selection,
  • Art Style,
  • Vibes,
  • Mood,
  • Scale.

Once you have fine-tuned your prompt, click "Generate" again to generate a new image.

Tips for Crafting Stellar AI Art Prompts

Here are some tried-and-true tips to enhance your prompts and elevate your AI-generated art:

  • Start with a Clear Problem Statement: Before you start writing your prompt, clearly envision what you want the art to convey. Think about the subject, mood, style, and necessary details for your concept. Be clear and specific.
  • Use an Opening Phrase: If you want the picture to appear in a certain way, add an opening phrase or descriptive words to guide the AI art generator. Examples: "A digital artwork of…," "A photograph of…," or "An illustration of…"
  • Add More Details: After the opening phrase, proceed to describe your subject, which is the image's content. Specify the style, mood, colors, objects, and composition or layout of the image.

    Example prompt: "an illustration of a cybernetic panda in cyberpunk room typing, technology, neon, futuristic, sci-fi, electro, science fiction, maximum details, fine art, 4k, detailed, award winning":

    Banda Bear Neon
  • Choose Consistent Words: Ensure that the words you use to describe your AI art prompt align in meaning and do not create conflicting instructions for the generator.
  • Keep Prompts Concise: Try to provide shorter and focused AI art prompts. Avoid excessive details to prevent overwhelming the system.
  • Simplify Your Language: Utilize everyday, straightforward terms that the generator can readily comprehend. Steer clear of uncommon or intricate vocabulary that could potentially puzzle the neural networks.
  • Always Provide Context: The AI art generator needs to understand the background and purpose of the prompt to create meaningful art. For example, you can include information about the historical or cultural significance of a particular theme.


As you can see, mastering prompt writing opens a gateway to limitless artistic possibilities. Write precise prompts, explore keyword categories, add unique details, and embrace neutral language. Don't forget to utilize the Prompt Editor for easy prompt refinement.

With Img2Go, your imaginative vision can be realized within seconds. Why not give it a try and witness the magic unfold?