10 Art Prompts to Unlock AI Hidden Styles

Unleash Your Creativity with These Unique AI Art Prompts

By now, you've probably experimented with many fascinating art styles using the Img2Go's AI Art Generator, from anime to realistic cartoons, line art drawings, and cyberpunk.

But are you ready to elevate your AI artistry to new heights?

Today, we're venturing into uncharted territory, uncovering lesser-known artistic styles that will leave you in awe. Get ready to be amazed as we reveal 10 AI art prompts holding the key to unlocking styles you may not have even known existed.

With just a word or two, these AI prompts wield the power to transform your images in ways you never thought possible.

1 Stippling

Stippling, a sophisticated drawing technique, employs strategically placed dots to craft tone, texture, and dimension. Through the meticulous placement of hundreds of tiny dots, images take shape - resembling a pointillist masterpiece.

The effects range from subtle shading to bold outlines, with dot density creating illusions of light and shadow, bestowing depth and complexity upon the artwork. While stippling typically involves monochrome tones, you can prompt the AI to explore many colors, infusing versatility into this timeless style.

Stippling - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • black and white line work with stippling of an abstract coral reef with muted bioluminescence, elkhorn corals, brain coral, abstracted and surreal, 4k
  • in the stippling style, beautiful wild flowers in stippling, black and white, highly detailed, stippling art, images made out of black dots, dot art
  • distorted sphere stippling, black and white, highly detailed, stippling art style, dots drawing
  • fine pen ink stippling, mountain view, black and white, highly detailed, stippling art, image made out of black dots, dot art, dot drawing

Pro Tip:

Select the Line Art Drawing Style for optimal results!

2 Low Poly Art

Originating from the world of 3D graphics and gaming, low poly models utilize flat shapes such as triangles and quadrangles as fundamental building blocks, thereby minimizing processing requirements. Evolving from this graphic solution, low poly art boasts a faceted style characterized by angular geometric forms and a minimalist aesthetic. Through a mosaic-like arrangement of colors and textures, complex subjects and scenes are brought to life with clean lines, crisp edges, and bold colors, achieving depth through geometry.

Poly - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • kawaii low poly panda character, 3d isometric render, white background, ambient occlusion, unity engine
  • beautiful fox, in the low-poly style, low-poly art
  • nikola tesla, in the low-poly style, low poly, detailed
  • greg rutkowski, beeple, a painting by ralph mcquarrie of floating molecules and icosahedron with stars, clouds, and rainbows in the background, trending on artstation, masterpiece, incredible details low poly art

3 Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism, a modern American art style, allows artists to express ideas and emotions through abstract shapes, colors, and textures rather than realistic depictions. In this spontaneous art form, paint is often dripped, splashed, or smeared onto the canvas, evoking strong feelings abstractly.

By prompting for abstract expressionism, you'll receive bursts of colors and shapes that may not necessarily form a specific object, though you can also prompt for a subject in the AI to obtain colorful textures. Masters of abstract expressionism like Rothko and de Kooning have made significant contributions to this dynamic art movement.

Abstract Expressionism - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • the world of dreams in the style of Abstract Expressionism, highly detailed, 8k, Mark Rothko
  • head in the clouds, in the style of Abstract Expressionism, highly detailed, 8k, de Kooning
  • symphony of the Universe, in the style of Abstract Expressionism, highly detailed, 8k, Pollock
  • abstract art, all life comes from the same matter, connected through a special bond, experiences shared throughout the expanse, pastel colors, beautiful abstract art piece

4 Bauhaus

Bauhaus, a modern German art style, is both an art movement and a philosophy that integrates form and function into everyday life. With clean lines, minimalist designs, and sleek geometric shapes, Bauhaus designs exude a modernist flair that transcends traditional boundaries. Influential figures like Kandinsky and Breuer exemplify the Bauhaus look, which extends beyond art to encompass architecture, furniture, and graphic design.

Bauhaus - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • elegant sophisticated logo in Bauhaus style, infant's face
  • Bauhaus style, abstract aquarelle watercolor brush stroke, award-winning art
  • Bauhaus graphic design poster 3-tiered pyramid diagram
  • the face of a woman, a geometric image inspired by the Bauhaus, Mondrian colours, Bauhaus style
  • surrealism, arhitecture, bauhaus style, space, ultra realistic, Bauhaus colors

5 Silhouette Art

Silhouette art refers to striking high-contrast images where dark shapes stand out against a light background, focusing solely on the subject's basic shape and form. Originating as an affordable alternative to expensive painted portraits in the 17th to 19th centuries, silhouette art captures a subject's essence in a graphic, minimalist style. By prompting for silhouette art, you'll encounter bold shapes and negative space that create visually stunning compositions.

Silhouette - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • realistic photo of a woman's silhouette within the natural landscape, the elegance of the human form with the beauty of nature, vivid sunset colors, and minimalistic yet powerful composition, silhouette art style, award-winning
  • gritty silhouette of a musician, silhouette art, award-winning
  • a light painting silhouette of a ballet dancer in a ballroom, silhouette art style, 8k
  • a high-contrast silhouette of a cat sitting on a windowsill against the backdrop of a bright full moon, silhouette art style, 8k
  • a woman meditating in nature, the tree of life, glitched silhouette outline of the brain, double exposure, epic composition, excellent color, dynamic dramatic cinematic light, aesthetic, very inspirational, attractive, intricate, highly detailed, inspiring, noble, lovely, cute, inspired, creative, silhouette art

6 Goth

Gothic art, originating from the medieval era, transports you to a time of intricate beauty and haunting elegance. By prompting the AI for "gothic art" or "goth", you'll unveil a wildly popular macabre aesthetic that has captivated audiences for centuries.

Goth - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • forbidden love and tragic romance set in dark and atmospheric settings, longing, despair, and passion amidst the shadows, in the style of goth, goth art, detailed
  • Victorian-era mourning ritual, featuring a lady in black mourning attire, surrounded by symbolic funeral flowers and haunting cemetery landscapes, in the style of goth, goth art
  • bubble girl, in the style of goth, goth art
  • eerie and mysterious portrait inspired by gothic aesthetics, featuring pale skin, dramatic makeup, and haunting expressions, in the style of goth, goth art

Pro Tip:

To enhance your results further, navigate to AI Creator Studio's Prompt Editor and under "Vibes," select the prompt modifiers "gothic, fantasy, lush, mystery."

7 Art Brut

Art Brut, translating to "raw art" or "primitive art," carries a weighty connotation, yet its essence lies in the realm of unrefined creativity. Contrary to its heavy implications, art brute represents art made by self-taught artists. When prompted for art brute, you may encounter basic shapes and childlike drawings bursting with color and boundless imagination.

Art brute defies the confines of official culture, showcasing a raw, untrained aesthetic that celebrates the authenticity of uninhibited expression. So, don't fret about perfection with art brute—its essence lies in its unrestricted freedom, allowing for a diverse array of creative manifestations. Embrace the chaos, explore the whimsy, and let your imagination run wild with art brute.

Art Brut - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • a surreal landscape inspired by dreams, incorporating unexpected elements and distorted perspectives, in the style of Art Brut, detailed
  • image of the inner world of the subconscious, a surreal visual representation, in the style of Art Brut
  • an expressive portrait in the style of Art Brut
  • a collage of unconventional materials and textures in the spirit of Art Brut
  • a dynamic artwork exploring movement and energy, in the style of Art Brut

8 Knolling

Knolling, also known as flat lay art, encompasses a visually striking style of arrangement that you may have encountered without realizing there's a term for it. In knolling, objects are meticulously arranged, often around a theme, in a grid-like pattern, and then photographed from above. The result is a composition that is orderly, colorful, and visually appealing, drawing the viewer into its harmonious symmetry and thoughtful curation.

Knolling - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • knolling photo of traditional samurai armor, black and red armor made of polished red walnut and blackwood, sharp katana, katana sheet, depth map, white background, 8K, intricate detail
  • a suit of an office lady is placed in the center, and its things in the bag components are distributed around it, highly detailed, depth, knolling, knolling layout, pink background, perfectionism, max Detail, dramatic lighting
  • knolling photo of car spare parts, a man sitting on the floor, feeling confused and frustrated, top view, creative composition, grabs attention, light grey studio background
  • 2D Illustrations Knolling of Items for cooking, realistic items, highly detailed, high contrast, intricate details, bright lighting, soft lighting, 85mm lens

9 Neo-Pop

Neo-pop art is a riot of color and creativity, where every hue imaginable finds its place in bold and vibrant compositions. From electric blues to fiery reds and everything in between, neo-pop artists harness the power of color to create eye-catching works that dazzle and delight. With its roots in the pop art movement of the mid-20th century, neo-pop takes that iconic aesthetic and gives it a modern twist, infusing it with contemporary references and cutting-edge techniques.

Whether it's a whimsical rainbow landscape or a playful interpretation of everyday objects, neo-pop art invites viewers to experience the world in technicolor, igniting imaginations and sparking joy.

Neo-Pop - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • neo-pop art risograph print astronaut in a colorful moonscape, in the style of hikari shimoda, alex colville, sandy Skoglund, realist detail, pensive stillness, children's book illustrations
  • neo-pop art risograph print, boat in the style of crisp neo-pop illustrations, minimal drawing, mountains, naturalism, pastel colors, water drops, japanese-inspired imagery, carpetpunk, poster art, cosmic imagery
  • neo-pop art risograph print of a cute alien who landed in UFO in the colorful fields, in the style of hikari shimoda, children's book illustrations, award-winning neo-pop art

10 Cyanotype

Cyanotype photography bridges the gap between past and present, offering a nostalgic glimpse into history with a modern twist. This unique photographic printing process, known for its distinctive cyan blue prints reminiscent of blueprints, evokes a sense of vintage charm and timeless elegance. With the help of AI technology, cyanotype images are brought to life in a contemporary context, blending the old-world aesthetic with modern appeal.

Cyanotype - img2go

Prompts to try:

  • cyanotype printing portrait art, graphic design, poster, fine art, vintage photo, detailed
  • purple cyanotype printing art of a fashion model with weird glasses, graphic design, fine art, vintage photo, cyan blue print, blend of old and new, modern appeal, award-winning cyanotype art
  • cyanotype printing art, a serene nature scene featuring a majestic forest illuminated by the soft glow of the moon, delicate texture of leaves, gentle ripples of the water, a stunning blend of vintage charm, and modern artistry
  • cyanotype printing landscape art, mountain lake hut, graphic design, fine art, vintage photo, cyan blue print, blend of old and new, modern appeal, award-winning cyanotype art

In Conclusion – Hidden Art Styles

We've explored ten captivating art prompts that unlock hidden styles with the power of AI. From the intricate technique of stippling to the whimsical world of neo-pop art, each prompt offers a unique opportunity to unleash your creativity and explore new artistic horizons.

So why wait? Give these cool prompts a try! Let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you. With the help of AI Creator Studio, you can bring your artistic visions to life like never before. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make some truly stunning art – try them out today!

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