Top 10 Premium Art Styles on Img2Go

Enhance Your Artistic Vision with a Diverse Palette of Styles

Welcome to the vibrant world of Img2Go's premium art styles!

Img2Go, renowned for its image conversion and editing capabilities, is not just a platform – it's a creative hub where you can transform your ideas into unique masterpieces with the help of our AI Art Generator.

In this post, we are presenting impressive styles available through the premium plans. Join us on a journey through the top 10 art styles, transcending the basics and opening the door to endless artistic inspiration!

STARTER Premium Plan: Get Inspired!

  • Ideal for occasional use, offering unlimited basic tasks and AI art creation
  • 60 monthly Credits to explore a wide range of creative possibilities
  • Premium access to various Img2Go AI-powered features such as Upscale Image and Remove Background
  • Diverse artistic styles including: Photography, Logo, Cartoon, Explicit, 3D, Cartoon Realistic, Anime 2, Anime 3, Anime 4, Explicit 3D, Drawing, Sketch Drawing, Line Art, Catalogue, Pixel Art, and Pixel Art 2

Get ready to elevate your AI creations to new levels of impressiveness with the STARTER Premium Plan!

Must-Try Art Styles:

Cartoon Realistic

Merge the charm of cartoons with the authenticity of realism through the Cartoon Realistic art style. This unique blend captures the essence of your subjects in a visually appealing and approachable manner.

Cartoon Realistic - img2go

Ideal for bridging the gap between the imaginative world and reality, the Cartoon Realistic style breathes life into portraits, scenes, and compositions.

Anime 2, 3 & 4

Go beyond the basic Anime style!

The STARTER subscription offers three additional Anime options – Anime 2, Anime 3, and Anime 4 – each providing a unique twist to your creative expressions!

The enchanting transformation of Hermione from Harry Potter depicted in all three Anime styles:

Anime 2 - img2go
Prompt: Hermione, Harry Potter, confident pose, spellcasting stance with a wand releasing magic, fantasy anime, rich colors, high contrast, light and color, the style of John Bauer, ultra-detailed illustration, intricate compositions, captivating cover

Explore diverse character designs, color schemes, and artistic nuances, infusing your creations with the distinctive charm of anime aesthetics.


Create captivating three-dimensional visuals, adding depth and realism. The 3D art style is perfect for creating captivating images, product visualizations, and virtual environments.

3D - img2go

The 3D art style offers endless possibilities for creativity and expression!

Line Art

Line Art style offers a minimalist yet sophisticated approach to artistic expression. With clean, bold lines, this style emphasizes shapes and contours, allowing you to create striking images with simplicity and elegance.

Line Art - img2go

Whether you're illustrating intricate designs or crafting sleek outlines, Line Art style provides a versatile canvas for your creativity to shine.

PRO Premium Plan: Elevate Your Art

  • Ideal for regular users, offering 400 monthly Credits for ample creative freedom
  • Access to unlimited basic tasks, AI art creation, and advanced options
  • Wide range of sought-after styles including Graffiti, Stock Photo, Sticker, Cyberpunk, Print Art, and Line Art Drawing

Must-Try Art Styles:


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Cyberpunk?

This art style draws inspiration from the thrilling subgenre of science fiction set in a dystopian future. Picture neon-lit cityscapes, futuristic technologies, and a gritty atmosphere where high-tech meets societal decay.

Cyberpunk - img2go

With Cyberpunk, you have the chance to unleash your imagination and create stunning artworks that embody the essence of this dynamic genre.

Cyber Girl - img2go


Infuse your creations with urban flair using the Graffiti art style!

Embrace bold colors, dynamic shapes, and expressive lines to create eye-catching street art-inspired designs.

Graffiti - img2go

Let your imagination run wild as you bring walls to life with striking visual narratives and bold statements. With Graffiti style, every stroke becomes a reflection of your creativity and the vibrant energy of the streets!

Line Art Drawing

Line Art Drawing art style is commonly used in various creative projects, including illustrations, graphic design, digital art, and even tattoo designs. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from logo design and iconography to intricate artwork and coloring books.

Line_art_drawing - img2go

Line Art Drawing style is perfect for elevating your artistic creations.


Are you a sticker fan? Enhance your creativity with this Sticker art style!

Perfect for crafting unique sticker designs, this versatile style offers endless possibilities for expressing yourself.

Stickers - img2go

Whether you're creating custom stickers for personal use or designing eye-catching decals for your business, our Sticker art style has got you covered!

ULTIMATE Premium Plan: Unlock Unlimited Creativity

  • Perfect for frequent users seeking unlimited creativity
  • 1600 monthly Credits for boundless artistic potential
  • Unlimited basic tasks and AI art creation
  • Access to advanced options
  • Includes all currently available art styles

Must-Try Art Styles:

Realistic 2 & 3

Explore the depths of realism with our Realistic art style options, available within the Ultimate Subscription. In addition to the basic Realistic style, we offer variations like Realistic 2 and Realistic 3, each designed to generate images with lifelike precision and detail.

Generated using Realistic 1, 2 & 3 art styles:

Realistic 2 - img2go
Prompt: badass steampunk desert pod racer, intricate mechanism metallic helmet, vintage racing goggles, finest details, half-body portrait, exhausted, blond messy hair, dirt, hot weather, light simple outfit, natural soft lightning, natural desert background

If you like creating portraits, landscapes, or still-life compositions, these art styles bring your vision to life with stunning realism!

All-Purpose Art Styles (1-6)

In need of inspiration? Look no further than our All-Purpose art styles, a collection of six versatile options. These styles offer additional creative possibilities to keep your projects fresh and engaging.

ultimate plan - img2go
Prompt: beautiful desert planet, in the style of Dune, traditional and modern elements, Arrakis, two moons, orange spice in the air, ultra-detailed, award-winning, cinematic, cyan elements, sci-fi, 8k

Do you like experimenting with abstract concepts, exploring unique textures, or seeking innovative compositions? All-Purpose art styles provide the perfect solution for any artistic endeavor!

In Conclusion

We've explored a rich array of premium art styles offered by the AI Creator Studio on Img2Go, each presenting unique opportunities for artistic expression. Now, we encourage you to delve into these styles, experiment, and discover new dimensions of creativity.

Img2Go remains committed to providing a diverse range of creative options to inspire and empower AI artists worldwide. Stay tuned for upcoming art styles!

Why Go Premium?

Apart from expanding your art style selection, with a Premium subscription, you can:

  • Bypass the Queue: Premium subscribers benefit from faster file processing, ensuring that your creations are ready in a fraction of the time.
  • Generate Multiple Images: With a Premium account, you can generate up to 16 images at once.
  • Get Higher Resolution Art: The advantage of generating high-resolution art, allowing for more intricate and visually stunning creations.
  • Adjust Prompt Weight: Fine-tune how much your input impacts the resulting image. As a premium subscriber, you can customize the impact of your prompts, allowing for more precise control over the creative process.
  • Select Runs: Premium subscribers can choose from different run options - Short, Medium, or Long.

How to Switch to Another Premium Plan on Img2Go?

At Img2Go, we understand that your creative needs may evolve over time, and you might find yourself wanting to explore different features and options available with our premium plans. If you're considering switching to another subscription, here's a simple guide on how to make the transition seamlessly.

  1. Contact Us:

    Once you've decided on the premium plan you'd like to switch to, reach out to our customer support team. Let us know which plan you're interested in upgrading to, and we'll guide you through the process.

    In most cases, customers cannot have two subscriptions simultaneously. Therefore, we'll need to cancel your current subscription before you can upgrade to another plan.

  2. Upgrade to the New Plan:

    After canceling your current subscription, we'll assist you in upgrading to the new plan of your choice. You'll gain access to the additional features and benefits included with the upgraded plan, allowing you to explore new creative possibilities.

  3. TIP: Consider the timing. If you're not within the refund period and your current subscription is still active, we recommend waiting until the end of the subscription period to upgrade. This ensures that you get the most out of your current plan before making the switch.

Switching to another premium plan on Img2Go is a straightforward process that allows you to explore a wider range of features and options tailored to your creative needs. Whether you're looking for more Credits, advanced tools, or additional art styles, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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