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AI Art Generator: Explore Diverse Art Styles

Discover how to modify prompts, combine different styles and create true artistic masterpieces with Img2Go

By now, you've likely brought many ideas to life using the AI Art Generator. However, as with any creative tool, it's easy to fall into a routine, producing images with the same old prompts. The good news? There are many captivating art styles available. Plus, they are easy to integrate into any prompt.

In this post, discover the array of art styles provided by Img2Go's AI Art Generator, learn how to efficiently use our Prompt Editor, and elevate your AI creations to new heights.

Let's start and expand the realm of possibilities!

So, What Are Art Styles?

Art styles serve as visual expressions, acting as tools to convey your creativity, emotions, and narratives. They function as unique visual languages, transforming you from a passive observer into an active creator on the digital canvas.

Styles enable the use of various artistic techniques in your creations, facilitating AI learning across diverse art forms. They expand your options, enhancing the feel, textures, and overall appearance of the AI art you generate.

With Img2Go's AI Art Generator and its accompanying tool page, the AI Creator Studio, it's easy to explore and incorporate various art styles. From realistic drawings and oil painting portraits to surrealistic digital art, the possibilities of what you can create are endless.

Basic Styles

For those embarking on their artistic journey with a basic, free account, Img2Go offers three captivating styles:

  1. Realistic Style: Bringing images to life with a touch of realism.
  2. Anime Style: Infusing the charm and vibrancy of anime aesthetics.
  3. Artistic Style: Unleashing creativity with an artistic flair.
How to remove background using AI
These foundational styles set the stage to experiment and create within the bounds of your imagination.

Can I Create AI Art by Combining More Art Styles?


Apply a style to your images:

  • Using Prompts: Write a concise and clear prompt, specifying the desired style.
  • Utilizing the Prompt Editor: Select the style (or multiple styles) you prefer.

With the AI Creator Studio's Prompt Editor, you can access many additional art styles, including watercolor, oil painting, isometric 3D, art deco, surrealist, origami, urban street photography style, and many more!

TIP: For optimal results, try experimenting! Combine multiple styles, adjust lighting options, vibes, or angles, and craft impressive AI images that reflect your unique artistic vision. The fusion of technology and creativity knows no bounds!

Use Negative Prompts

Negative prompts are another effective way to guide the image's creation. Instead of specifying what you want, you describe what you do not want. Negative prompts include objects, styles, or unwanted attributes like "ugly" or "blurry."

Universal negative prompts encompass terms like:

ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame, extra limbs, disfigured, deformed, body out of frame, bad anatomy, watermark, signature, cut off, low contrast, underexposed, overexposed, bad art, beginner, amateur, distorted face, blurry, draft, grainy.

Let's Showcase Some Examples!

By choosing only the Realistic Style, you'll get precisely that kind of image as a result:

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Prompt: cute freckled young girl in a dress, holding in her hand a cat, soft light, highly detailed, award-winning

But what if you aim to craft a masterpiece with surrealistic elements? That's entirely achievable!

  • Choose the Artistic Style.
  • In the Prompt Editor, under "Art Style," click on the "surrealist" option, featuring Magritte and Salvador Dali styles. This choice will seamlessly integrate into your prompt.
  • Of course, you can always provide a more detailed description for your prompt.

Here are some results:

How to remove background using AI
Prompt: cute freckled young girl in a dress, holding in her hand a cat, soft light, highly detailed, award-winning, surrealist elements, Dali painting, big melting clocks in the background

Prompt Modifier:

  • Art Style: surrealist, Magritte, Salvador Dali

Negative prompt: bad anatomy, blurry, poorly drawn hands, disfigured, bad art

Want to go a step further and get a steampunk effect? Under the 'Vibes' option in the Prompt Editor choose the steampunk.

How to remove background using AI
Prompt: cute freckled young girl in a dress, holding in her hand a cat, soft light, highly detailed, award-winning, surrealist elements, Dali painting, steampunk city in the background

Prompt Modifiers:

  • Art Style: surrealist, Magritte, Salvador Dali
  • Vibes: steampunk, metallic, Victoriana
  • Scale: ornate, delicate, precise, opulent, elegant, ornamental, fine, intricate, docarative

Switching Styles: Steampunk to Anime!

Curious to see how these cool steampunk images would look in an Anime style?

Keep all the settings (the same prompt, prompt modifiers, and negative prompts), and from the three basic styles, choose 'Anime.'

There's a high chance you'll get cute results!

How to remove background using AI

In Conclusion

With concise prompts and a little help from the Prompt Editor, it's easy to bring your unique artistic visions to life.

And remember: keep experimenting. By selecting various styles and options in the Prompt Editor, you can truly achieve impressive results.

Give it a try and start creating your own stunning AI art today!

Get Even More Art Styles with Premium Plan

You can always enhance your creative journey with Img2Go's premium plans, offering a range of new art styles to explore.

  • The STARTER Premium Plan introduces exciting options like Photography, Logo, and Cartoon, going beyond the basic free styles.
  • The PRO Premium Plan adds even more variety with styles like Graffiti and Cyberpunk.
  • The ULTIMATE Premium Plan grants access to an extensive collection of over 30 styles!

We continue to enhance your creative journey by regularly introducing new styles!

Why Go Premium?

Apart from expanding your art style selection, with a Premium subscription, you can:

  1. Bypass the Queue: Premium subscribers benefit from faster file processing, ensuring that your creations are ready in a fraction of the time.
  2. Generate Multiple Images: With a Premium account, you can generate up to 16 images at once.
  3. Get Higher Resolution Art: The advantage of generating high-resolution art, allowing for more intricate and visually stunning creations.
  4. Adjust Prompt Weight: Fine-tune how much your input impacts the resulting image. As a premium subscriber, you can customize the impact of your prompts, allowing for more precise control over the creative process.
  5. Select Runs: Premium subscribers can choose from different run options - Short, Medium, or Long.